Our latest work for WhatsApp features Jamie XXs ‘Loud Places’

new WhatsApp commercial with Jamie XX

The latest commercial of Whatsapp, the world’s most popular messaging app, introduced the new ‘view once’ feature allowing to share private images and videos for one time viewing only.
The video pictures the desire to be among friends and discover the world – that kind of longing for ‘loud places’ we can all relate to.

Jamie XX’s Loud Places is the perfect song to set the right mood for this new Whatsapp marketing campaign. The music itself is very quiet and subdue, full of strings and soft bass music. It sets the tone on an emotional level while leaving room for interpretation. It’s a far cry from the dance music that Jamie xx usually makes under his solo moniker (he also produces for big names like Drake, Alicia Keys, and Young Thug).

We are so proud to have had the chance to collaborate in music and music supervision for this TVC.

Watch the ad here:

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