Sync Recap: We’ve got the power !

Tesco commercial screenshot

Sync Recap is our regular update on a selection of recent placements. In this edition, we recap our latest successful synch licensing placements in different advertisements, for example TikTok, Volkswagen, Tesco, and Lenovo. Tracks & Fields has been providing synchronised music and sound since 2008. Our services are used by brands such as Coca Cola, Nike and Volkswagen to better connect with their audiences around the world. Tracks & Fields helps you to find the perfect tune to reach a global audience across all platforms from TV to social media channels like Facebook and YouTube!


What a hot season! We have been busy in the last weeks securing plenty of placements, some of which we want to highlight here.


Volkswagen found a great match in Some Velvet Morning and their latest Passat model, as well as Trufonix’s “Army” that had a perfect fit with their new campaign for the SUV ID.4.


Tesco | Lubella

Tesco love our work! Tracks & Fields have been an integral part of Tesco’s TV commercials for several years now. We licensed the superhit “The Power” by SNAP! for their latest campaign. Did you know that “The Power” was the first rap-based song to peak the charts in the UK?

Staying in the food and retail space, for leading pasta manufacturer Lubella, Tracks & Fields found the perfect song by Tom Rosenthal to accompany their emotional and moving commercial highlighting the cozy feeling of coming home and being welcomed by the loved ones.


Lenovo | Anyca | Tik Tok

There have also been several projects in the tech space. Lenovo is one of the world’s leading providers in PCs and smartphones. Sync Licensing has been on board in their latest ad campaign as well as the power of team spirit. A story wonderfully supported by Reuben and the Dark’s “Hold me like a fire”.

Car sharing app Anyca, is one of the major players in this space. They chose to work with Tracks & Fields for their latest TV commercial and we found a perfect match in the uplifting “Top of the world” by Who’s Molly which has been making waves in the charts.

TikTok, the world’s largest video-sharing app by monthly active users, used Tracks & Fields for its 818 ad to promote Tik Tok in China. In “Flashback” we found the ideal musical match to their urban and futuristic imagery.



Nike is the goddess of victory. While we have worked for the sports brand with the famous Swoosh in the past which – among others – made them victorious at the prestigious Adfest creative festival, in this edition we feature our work for Czech betting company Nik√© sharing the same name. While this company may not be as familiar as the sports brand from Oregon, their music choice will. We cleared and synch lisended “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys for their latest ad.

Now back to work !!!

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