Porsche gird for battle

Last weekend, Porsche returned to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race for the first time in 16 years. Set to go in swinging with their 919 and 911 rsr models, they’d created a tough spot featuring spokeman and driver Patrick Dempsey. They needed a bold but fresh track to build the film’s tempo, and we had just the man for them.

Finnish composer Jarkko Hietanen seamlessly melds traditional instrumention and electronic textures to build thrilling soundscapes and stirring, unearthly scores. His piece ‘I Saw Only Darkness’ typifies his skilled mood-building – the woozy instrumentation and tense, increasingly martial percussion build to a war cry of a track while maintaining a hint of enigma, marrying perfectly with the luxuriant visuals and Dempsey’s defiant voiceover.

While narrowly pipped to the post this year – and gracious in defeat with the help of Audiomachine’s moving piece ‘Continuum’ – this pre-race spot showcases a spirit that seems sure to keep Porsche at the top of their game and aimed straight into the future.

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