Krombacher start the decade with an ode to nature

German brewers Krombacher kickstart the new year with a campaign that celebrate mankind’s active relationship with nature: “It inspires us. It brings us together. We love it. We share with it.…”

In the “Fridays For Future” era our environmental awareness and action for change has never been move visible. We have a duty to our planet; we have an inextricable connection to nature. And this campaign illustrates just that.

Krombacher’s environmental consciousness stretches beyond the scenes of this film. According to statistics issued by the WWF, Krombacher is now climate-neutral in its production, and last year they launched a crowdfunding platform, “Krombacher Naturstarter”, to support and promote sustainable start-up ideas. More than 120 projects have been registered so far!

Our team are proud to have licensed a track by Royal Deluxe for this conscientious and forward-thinking campaign. Royal Deluxe is a collaboration between Tyrone Wells, Sam Getz and Jimmy Weaver from the band Welshy Arms; their anthemic and gritty alt-rock calls listeners to action. The urgency in “I’m a Wanted Man” captures the emergency we are facing with nature, juxtaposing the film’s collection of colourful, natural landscapes, and ultimately urging consumers to preserve their staunch relationship with nature

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