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Bosie give us a vision of the future with their line of genderless fashion

Bosie take us into the future in their latest film, giving a taste of their fresh, unisex approach to fashion. We produced the track with composer Norman Wille, providing the campaign with an otherworldly feel as the spot takes us through to an intergalactic future.

The idea of genderless fashion has been bubbling under the surface for some time and is gaining popularity particularly amongst Gen Z. It’s particularly big in China, where everything from big designer brands to fast fashion outlets are participating in the boom. Bosie is at the forefront of this, with their entire range being unisex and available in a range of sizing to fit different body types. As broader concepts of fluidity in gender and sexuality become more accepted, it looks like gender free fashion will continue to grow as we enter the era of Bosie.

We previously worked with director Angie Su on her Underverse promo film ‘Finding Ashley Wood’, which recently won in the Directing category at the Telly Awards. Her sharp, distinctive style can also be seen in commercials for the likes of OPPO, Vivo and Realme.

Watch Bosie’s film ‘The Era Of Bosie’ here:

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