Ai Takahashi’s idol star power creates a dream pop collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger

Actress and model Ai Takahashi rose to mega stardom through the 2000s with her membership of popular idol groups Morning MusumeHello!Project and Mini Moni. The Japanese celebrity is now adding a new string – or shoelace – to her bow, through her collaboration with footwear brand Onitsuka Tiger.

Working with Onitsuka Tiger’s iconic California 78 Ex shoe, which is known for its thick sole, the first of Ai Takahashi’s two colour ways, Cream X Frosted Rose, aims for “a sporty shoe that lets its feminine side shine through” via pink detailing and ribbon laces. The second design, Black x Sandstorm, has orange rope laces and a more masculine appeal, with contrasting complementary colours designed to be worn by a special someone.

It wouldn’t be an idol appearance without the requisite innocent dance moves, which Takahashi skilfully executes both solo and with her dance partner, to the cutesy pop stylings of the ad’s campaign music as licensed by Tracks & Fields: “Just Like Magic” by T.Y Songs. The talent behind the moniker is the real-life couple Owen Thomas and Lily-May Young, a British songwriting production team based between Los Angeles and London, with veteran music production status in advertising, films and TV music.

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