A Time for New Bedroom Hymns

Bag thrown on bed, Spotify turned on. It’s fair to say that most of us have songs we like to wind down to when we come home. Although Florence Welch has a particularly theatrical turn of phrase, these songs do become our “Bedroom Hymns” with which we pass time.   

Here at Tracks & Fields’ we’re treating our home-time as discovery-time. As music fills the space between our ears and we go about making our bed, sending out e-mails or finally tidying that sock drawer, we find that complementing tasks we know well, with music we don’t is the winning formula for finding new songs that beat to our own rhythm. Especially for those of us who are sometimes tentative to branch out.

With that, here are some suggestions of emerging artists we think you should try out with your daily bedroom routine. Songs, we hope, that might become your new bedroom hymn.

A Few of Our Highlights

Sweet – Porridge Radio

The uncontained vocals of Porridge Radio regularly fill the Tracks and Fields’ office. The more you listen, the more satisfying singing along to the somewhat enraged lyrics feel – definitely cathartic.

woman, here – Ada Lee

If you’re looking for something more calming, multi-talented Quebec native Ada Lee’s music is empowering without being overwhelming. Perfect for a cosy bedroom. 

Open Relations – Heart Bones 

As fun as their album cover, this is a great song with retro vibes that remind us of all the 70’s movies we’re going to marathon through soon. It’s also the funnest song on loneliness we’ve ever heard.

Listen to the full playlist below:

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