“My Girl”: a classic soundtrack for a classic car

The Mercedes-Benz GLB will fulfil your family’s dreams whilst fitting within your family’s budget. Mercedes-Benz’s luxury yet affordable car is perfect for carrying you through life’s adventures and the everyday.

This heartfelt commercial follows the relationship of a father and his daughter. From sports and drum practice to camping trips in the rain, the father supports and cares for his daughter whatever the weather, and the Mercedes-Benz GLB guarantees a smooth drive along the way.

Tracks & Fields have worked on a number of exciting Mercedes campaigns throughout the past few years and we are pleased to have also played an integral part in the placement of Stevie Wonder’s timeless classic “My Girl”. After Dirty Soup pitched the track, our clearance team secured the licence, ensuring an impeccable soundtrack for a “Curious Girl”.

Watch the commercial in full below:

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