A blockbuster action sequence reveals Huawei’s phone security features in epic style

The familiar sinking feeling that comes from realising your smartphone has been misplaced is the foundation of Huawei Poland‘s new two-minute film, which highlights their Mate20 Pro smartphone model.

The film’s protagonist notices that his Mate20 Pro has slipped out of his pocket on a train a little too late, and the doors close before he is able to jump back on. The everyman nature of the scenario ends there, though, as he quickly springs into Bourne-style action, to beat the train to its next stop.

As he does whatever it takes above ground, other passengers on the train carriage take turns trying to unlock the phone – with no success – due to Mate20 Pro’s fingerprint unlock feature. The two minute spot concludes with a heroic reunion and a dash of missed-connection style romance for good measure.

The song featured throughout the film’s suspenseful action sequences is similarly fast-paced and exciting; this indie rock arrangement with a hint of a surf rock is “Domino” by Canadian four-piece Spiral Beach. The singalong anthem emerged in the mid-2000s when the band were at their most active, with a series of albums released on the label Sparks Music.

Watch Huawei Poland’s Mate20 Pro ad in full below.

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