Classic and timeless: Volkswagen celebrate 8 generations of Golf

There’s no better time to celebrate Volkswagen Golf’s history than during the build-up to Christmas. It’s a time for celebrating traditions and this classic model is certainly one of those; it has a place at the heart of families and stretches across generations.

In a series of colourful vignettes showcasing heartfelt memories throughout the decades, VW make evident that personal experiences are integral to the history of their brand. As Golf evolves, new technological advances strive to improve the lives of customers; “Whatever life you live – life happens with a Golf”.

This iconic model symbolises the road trip of our lives – from first kisses, to weddings alongside epochal celebrations. 

Tracks & Fields saw to the placement of Stereoshock’s modern classical composition “Chasing Dusk” – a climatic and emotional track which highlights the humanity in Golf’s evolution. With driving percussion and emotive strings it soundtracks a story of love and adventure

Ultimately this film serves as an ode to VW’s customers and the brand’s beloved and enduring product: Volkswagen Golf

Watch the film in full below:

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