“Do Your Own Stunts”: Volkswagen China turn a regular driver into the next action hero

Wu Jing, action hero and national treasure, hops over to the passenger seat to embark on an epic journey with VW’s Touareg. Known for starring in hit films such as Wolf Warrior (and its sequel), Tai Chi Boxer, and Fatal Contact, this Chinese superstar’s resumé spans across acting, directing, producing and martial arts choreography. 

In VW’s latest campaign they launch a series of new video apps and national test drive events that allow the ordinary driver to “Do Their (Your) Own Stunts”. So, this time Wu Jing with the help of VW’s Touareg guides an untrained test driver through an action-packed and stunt-filled car chase. 

‘The campaign shows a more humorous side of Wu Jing, one that fits to Volkswagen’s trademark twinkle in the eye.’, says Goodstein Creative Director, Georg Warga.

Tracks & Fields played an integral role in this commercial’s creative process, supervising the placement of four individual tracks to soundtrack the film’s dynamic action sequences.

It opens with “Triple Agent” by Sean Redmond; a suspenseful composition to gear us up for the car chase and stunts that follow. Then, in a quick mood shift initiated by Ed Moris’ “Blowpipe”, Wu Jing steps off set and calls upon an unassuming test driver to climb into the driving seat. This commercial balances drama and comedy in an unexpected turn of events.

The Bitcoins’ “Ain’t No Stopping Me Now” soundtracks the main body of the commercial, and sees the test driver transform from bystander into stunt driver and action hero. He swerves to avoid obstacles, dodges bullets and effortlessly glides between a couple of obstructing lorries to the sound of crooner singer Al Hammerman

With Tracks & Fields’ extensive music repertoire, our team found and cleared four unique tracks to provide the perfect soundtrack for an unpredictable and electrifying car commercial. ‘This is one of the first commercials to showcase Volkswagen’s new global vibrant power brand design in China,’ said Baggio Song, Chief Strategy Officer at Inspire Communications Group.

Watch the film in full on Vimeo:

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