A classic soundtrack for a car that really rocks

The new all-electric Taycan – it’s classic Porsche but cleaner, quieter and environmentally conscious.

So, cut your emissions and stay classy, chic and as cool as ever with Porsche’s latest model. Just as it says in the tagline it’s different fuel but the same soul

And with an exciting new car comes a rocking new campaign. Opening in a smokey, dimly lit parking lot, this film is spine-tingling, dramatic, and enough to get every car lover’s heart and mind racing.  

We take a trip back in time as Porsche evolves throughout the eras, our screen coming alive with their best models from different decades and a quintessentially classic soundtrack from the 60s. The Kinks’ hit “You Really Got Me” with its gripping opening riff, rumbling guitars and captivatingly edgy vocals, is an authentic soundtrack for a classic car. Our experienced licensing team took care of clearing this great track; the perfect fit for an electrifying, and rocking campaign

Watch the film in full below:


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