ELEL’s soulful indie pop soundtracks the latest Żywiec campaign

Żywiec are back and this time with a film that is dynamic, exhilarating and absurd. From driving on the sea to playing tennis under water, this advert unites thrill-seekers and beer drinkers whilst promoting Żywiec’s 0,0 % non-alcoholic beer.

Our music supervision work ensured ELEL’s placement on this high-spirited and animated film. “Be Yeah”, a track that sings of hope and success, fits perfectly to the the campaign’s message of wanting to feel alive. Deeply groovy, and highly energetic, “Be Yeah” steps up the energy and adds to the good vibes and thrills that come from sipping on a Żywiec 0,0 %.

ELEL’s wacky lyrics, brassy melodies and buoyant beat perfectly complement a spot filled with extreme sports and weird and wonderful experiences.

Watch the spot in full here:

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