Jill Stuart is back with a new, sparkling summer campaign

Jill Stuart return with a stylish, yet playful online ad to promote their new summer collection.

This spot combines vibrant images with vibrant music as SMiTHMUSiX and Alyshah provide the perfect electro-pop soundtrack. 

Summer is just around the corner and to showcase the excitement of this coming season, the model joyfully applies lipstick from the new collection. “Lip blossom” and “shiny satin”, two bright summery tones. Flirtatiously smacking her lips, and skipping through glittery fringed curtains – the image is exactly as Alyshah sings, a “Summertime Fling“.

SMiTHMUSiX’s playful electronic beats, and Alyshah’s bubbly vocals create a beauty campaign that is both classy and cute. Jill Stuart’s summer collection is sure to sparkle.

Watch Jill Stuart’s 2019 summer collection spot on their facebook channel.


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