This stirring campaign embodies the universal battle against self-doubt

Japan‘s Shizuoka Broadcasting System–a media organisation from the second largest city of the island Honshu–certainly has a specific regional remit. However their new campaign film shows that the organisation’s perspective is truly global.

The mission of the broadcaster’s newspaper sector is to go above and beyond challenges, as immortalised in a tag line that translates as “Excuse yourself until yesterday.” In this new spot, though, there are no news rooms, journalists or printing presses in sight. Instead there is a young acting hopeful, portrayed by rising model & actress Aina Yamada.

Yamada’s character is continually demoralised by negative self-talk, which is delivered to dramatic effect by a twin alter ego. This voice causes chronic self-doubt and robs the protagonist of confidence during critical moments of communication. As critical thoughts appear to finally thwart her dream of becoming an actor, she decides to (literally) fight back at the most crucial point.

Shizuoka’s campaign takes the concept of pushing past boundaries and runs with it. To enhance the epic scope of the film, our bespoke music production takes in a cinematic journey to match the main character: from pensive and reserved to a triumphant and bold crescendo of orchestral piano and strings.

Watch Shizuoka’s complete campaign film, below.

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