Wingo’s fish-out-of-water surfers chase waves through streets and cities

When was the last time you heard someone say “surfing the web”? That once common turn of phrase has gone the way of the slow dial-up modem: it’s part of our computing past. The internet’s presence in our lives has never been stronger, though – we constantly scroll, share, swipe and sync on our devices all around the globe.

Swiss telecommunications company Wingo is entirely web-based, and their new spot has some fun with ye olde web-surfing analogy; their flat fee European internet rate is embodied by the ad’s three surfer dudes as the adventure across Europe. Whether ducking under the water of a fountain in the middle of a busy Berlin street, cramped in the back of a Tuk Tuk in in Rome, or sliding on their boards through town squares, tower blocks and pedestrian crossings, the trio’s carefree adventures humorously contrast the urban scenes they explore.

Created by the agency Rod Kommunikation AG and directed by Jyri Pasanen, ‘Wingo Surfers’ features our music supervision work!

The 90-second spot required an evocative song, and we discovered it in the quintessential surf-rock style of “Southland,” by composer Benjamin Kaniewski.

Watch the Wingo Surfers spot, below!

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