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TV star Patrick Dempsey and music producer We Are All Astronauts slow down to speed up with Porsche

A brand as recognisable as Porsche does need rely on additional star power. Neither does Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey, whose breakout role on hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy made him an international household name. So what brought these two powerhouses together for their recent film project? It was the irresistible pull of the race track.

While Dempsey was still portraying Dr Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on the long-running TV show, the avid car collector and pro-am competition driver also officially joined the Porsche Motorsport team. After taking the 1st place position in the FIA World Endurance Championship: 6 Hours of Fuji race in 2015, Dempsey returned to Japan with a camera in tow, to reflect on the most important lessons he learned in his winning year.

Sharing insights such as, “Success in life is all about speed, it’s about how fast you can adapt to change,” Dempsey’s own words are intercut with energetic footage from the race track, interviews with his teammates and more introspective moments while practising Japanese calligraphy. It altogether reflects the title of the film, Slow down to speed up, and the video’s moods, pauses and accelerations are enhanced by a dynamic composition called “Violent Delights” from American producer We Are All Astronauts. We are super happy to have been instrumental in securing this song for the film which Dempsey also directed.

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