This breaking artist’s ethereal pop raises beauty brand Jill Stuart to the heavens


Although we’re now deep into the long, dark stretch of winter, our new placement for beauty brand Jill Stuart has us dreaming about spring.

This third instalment in our trilogy of Jill Stuart placements, working alongside the production company Paragon Co, accompanies the launch of the cosmetic line’s newest product: a powder blush that looks like a soft dandelion blossom, and is described as an “airy, fluffy flower.”

For our song placement, we needed to look no further than American-born London artist RIDER. This rising pop star made her debut in December 2017 with a selection of fresh, uplifting tracks including “Waterfall.” The song soundtracks the ad with its softly-strummed acoustic guitars and dreamy synth work, and reinforces the visual mood of hazy lightness and airy ease.  We believe this match to be heavenly, and you can watch the ad in full below.

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