Helping Huawei reach perfection in this recent spot for the P10+

The idea of perfection is a tough one to define. What is perfect? Can it be measured or is it completely subjective? While perhaps it simply can’t be answered, Chinese smartphone company Huawei are trying to find out in our spot for the company’s latest phone the P10+.

Working with the concept of perfection, we needed something that would not only match the tone of the ad but also slot in effortlessly and feel like a ‘perfect’ fit. Working alongside DDB & Tribal Warsaw the spot focuses on the levels Huawei go to to create the ‘perfect’ device. From lab experiments, to using drones, to playing rock/scissors/paper with a robotic claw the various Huawei engineers take us through what appears to be a very playful and entertaining process in reaching perfection.

To complement the playful and creative visuals of the spot we choose a track by Montreal based group ‘Plaster’. The song ‘Be My Woman’ from their 2012 album ‘Let It All Out’ is a wash of old soul vocal samples stitched together with fat fuzz bass and organic drum breaks. Being a melange of traditional and contemporary elements, it lends itself to a sense of innovation similar to that displayed by the ad’s visual cues. The pace and energy of the track also aids in expressing the the high paced and experimental process that goes on behind the scenes at Huawei.

Watch below:

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