OTTO Zeitgeschenk: Tracks & Fields latest placement celebrates the most precious Christmas gift – time.

OTTO Christmas commercial 2016

Time flies, and it is safe to say that just about everyone has felt this feeling at some point in their lives. The preciousness of time is something Otto captures masterfully in their 2016 Christmas campaign “#Zeitgeschenk” (Time Gift).

The advert is a short animated story about a family of three who are shown caught up in their day-to-day commitments. This is represented by each family member living out their individual lives on a separate hands of a ticking clock, where the story takes place. As the year progresses, the clock begins to tick increasingly faster, making it difficult, and almost impossible for the family members to stay connected to one another. They begin to fight against the ticking clock in a struggle to be together, and only through their combined efforts are they able to reach one-another. The advert features sync-licensed music from Tracks & Fields.

The song selected for this short animated film is a specifically produced choir rendition of the infamous song “Time After Time”. It is a heartfelt version of the song, featuring only a choir, a faint piano melody and a string orchestra. The lyrics of the song pair effortlessly with the story´s setting and overall message. This version of the song is simple but effective, like the closing message of the advert.

This beautifully animated and cleverly crafted advert ends with simple, yet incredibly powerful message that rings true, on some level, to all viewers: “Give the most precious thing you have, Time”.

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