HIT biscuits hit the floor with Macklemore

hit herbatniki reklama hit biscuits
A word to the wise: it’s always best to keep your neighbours sweet, even if they need quite a bit of sweetening up to begin with.
Several stars jostle for position in Bahlsen’s new spot: their crunchy HIT biscuits, an unlikely-looking party animal, a gloriously ill-tempered older lady, and the irresistibly cheeky, sax-led groove of Macklemore’s global number one ‘Thrift Shop’.
It’s that chocolatey sandwich of sax and stylish chaos that sells the whole sweetmeat. Get a flavour of the lens-flare-soaked larks below, and watch the whole thing on HIT’s youtube channel here!
hit herbatniki hit biscuits
hit herbatniki hit biscuits

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