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Jeep is New York City Cool in New Renegade Downtown Commercial

Jeep exudes style in their latest advert for the new Jeep Renegade Downtown, which features synch licensed music from Tracks & Fields.

The new advert sees the Jeep Renegade Downtown edition cruise through the city streets of New York. The sleek car blends into the laid-back atmosphere of New York, becoming a part of the fabric of the city, from the famous Brooklyn Bridge to the fashionable residents taking selfies.
The new Jeep Renegade Downtown is perfectly matched to the youthful and stylish cool of the city.
For the new advert, Tracks & Fields synch licensed music from the Los Angeles based singer Josef Gordon.
The synch licensed track ‘Put It On’ brings some extra soul to the advert. Similarly, the suave singing style of Josef Gordon, frames Jeep as an urban and cool car manufacturer.
Watch the new advert here:

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