Lies, Laughs and Murder in Dark Comedy ‘Sex & Crime’

Our latest feature film synch licensing project, ‘Sex & Crime’, inspires the darkest humour for a story about lying, cheating and murder.

The film, which was released at the end of March in Germany, has received favourable reviews and was also nominated for the prestigious Max Ophüls Preis at this year’s film festival. It is the first feature film from young director Paul Florian Müller.
‘Sex & Crime’ is the story of a troubled author, Theo (Fabian Busch), currently experiencing marital problems with his wife Katja (Pheline Roggan). Looking for a change, Theo has an affair with a waitress called Mörli (Claudia Eisinger). Wishing to be undisturbed, Theo’s best friend Valentin (Woltan Wilke Möhring) helps him out and lends Theo his apartment for the night. Unfortunately the affair doesn’t go quite so smoothly and halfway through the night Valentin receives a frantic call from Theo. Valentin rushes to the apartment to find the waitress dead.
For the dark comedy, we synch licensed the track ‘I Love You’ by Richard & Walter.
Watch the trailer for the film here:

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