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Dreaming in Colors with Porsche Thailand.

From the agency Keko Singapore, produced by Passion Pictures Bangkok, we present our latest original composition made for the celebration of Porsche’s 30 years in Thailand. “Dreams in Colors” is a gorgeous story about a father dreaming about the various possibilities his daughter’s future might have, each linked to a specific color. 

At Tracks & Fields we started to work based on an initial brief with the insight that colors are an essential part of Thai culture. Every day of the week corresponds to a color and everyone has a color representing them, based on the day they were born. Also represent particular values, such as love, optimism, growth, imagination, fascination, etc.“

In creating the composition, we focused on presenting these analogies as well. We looked exhaustively for mood songs initially and worked later on with several song references provided by the client. 

The idea was to illustrate with original music the beauty of life’s possibilities. We made sure that the final composition was bursting with different emotions and simultaneously sounded beautiful. 

What do you think? Are your dreams infused with colors too?

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