Ad Digger – 14.2.2015

samsung vacuum
The day that’s in it means a slight excess of romance in this week’s top ad sync, but it’s tempered with odd-couple friendship and a nice helping of bacchanalian excess.
Brands had some fun with their Valentine’s this year as ever: Oreo came over all red velvet (and a little weird), GoPro offered a (literally) high stakes proposal video and Interflora explored cross-clique pining. In other heart-related news, MetLife broke ’em left and right (along with the emotional insurance ad mould) with a cute and keen-eyed little girl, while Cadbury lifted them with the return of Office Keith and his cohort of chair-dancing colleagues.

Samsung Powerbot – Party Harder
Venables, Bell & Partners highlight the bounding versatility of nonsense-word 60s stomper Prisencolinensinainciusol with their slightly freaky, golden-hued Samsung party – Adriano Celentano’s slightly sneering take on English to the Italian ear lights up rich kid carousal and slow-mo mess-making as capably as car-chasing last year. As capably, in fact, as the cheeky little twist-in-the-tale vacuum cleaner (another nice example of lending personality to one of these chaps) takes care of business.
Song: Prisencolinensinainciusol
Artist: Adriano Celentano
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Expedia – PDA
Expedia’s canny offer is presented in a cute promo that may test your social comfort limits – the clue’s in the name after all. The accompaniment is perfect – it’s a tender 1950s ballad, but not from the expected compilations, and gives a king-sized wink as to this hotel booking’s purpose.
Song: This Is The Night
Artist: The Valiants
Agency: 180 LA

Android – Furever Friends
Cute animal videos might be ten a penny, but Android prove there’s no saturating a market this cute with their continuation of the “Be Together, Not the Same” tagline. Roger Miller’s insouciant Robin Hood soundtrack accompanied the little and large Disney bear/fox duo back in 1973, and the breeziness proves evergreen in this admittedly heart-warming catalogue of equally disparate buddies.
Song: Robin Hood and Lil’ John
Artist: Roger Miller
Agency: Droga5

Icelandair – Welcome Home
Nat King Cole’s indefatigable swing accompanies two long-suffering young parents through the comic trials of kid-wrangling and also, as the jazzy verve increases, on a breath-of-fresh-air getaway as the pair come to see the romance in each other anew. Honest but sweet.

Song: Love
Artist: Nat King Cole
Creative Agency: Islenska BBDO
Director: Runar Ingi

DNB Bank – Our House
DNB bank’s promo-length house listing took a dramatically different approach to real estate promotion, creating a deep and lush forty-year family backstory for a real property which opened its doors to the buying public this week. An ethereal cover by Anna of the North of Madness’ ‘Our House’ casts its spell as the film catalogues the bitter and the sweet, not to mention bits of the purely evocative and bizarre – a spot of telekinesis, for one.

Song: Our House
Artist: Anna of the North
Agency: Pol
Production: Bacon

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