Ad Digger – 23.9.14

We hope you had a glorious weekend – this time we’re bringing you a selection of excellent synch to ease you into midweek instead of round off your Friday. On the platter today: a heart-breaking rewind, long-suffering love, New Orleans Bounce and the cream of the crooners.

Vorwerk – Love Sucks
“Animate falls for inanimate” hardly blazes a new narrative trail, but cute done well is always a treat. This wordless spot lets Herb Alpert, Burt Bucharach and their langorous trumpets do all the talking – the potential for schmaltz is leavened by that absolutely earnest lovelorn face, and the entertainingly brutal blankness of the star product. Carpets look pretty spotless, too.

Song: This Guy’s in Love with You
Artist: Herb Alpert (comp. Burt Bacharach, Hal David)
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf
Production: Smuggler London
Director: Jamie Rafn

With Syria – In Reverse
From the same director as March’s harrowing second a day video comes a more conventionally composed but no less brutal spot. Daughter’s poignant ‘Youth’ both provides an emotional entryway into the horror and points some savage lyrical fingers.

Song: Artist
Artist: Daughter
Production: Unit 9 Films
Director: Martin Stirling

Zumba Fitness – Let It Move You
Daft and incongruous uncontrollable dancing is another staple, but given that this product consists of daft dancing, the level of gusto here is both fitting and quite enjoyable – and it’s probably just as well to note the likely real-life result of spontaneously breaking it down on a rickety lunchtime table. Diplo and the late, great bounce merchant Nicky da B provide both beats and sentiment.

Song: Express Yourself
Artist: Diplo feat. Nicky da B
Agency: 180LA
Directors: Jonathan and Josh Baker

Volkswagen – Priorities
Another put-upon dad puts up with his lot. This one still charms by virtue of its protagonist’s stoic but eloquent face, and by the sweetness of Mike Preston’s take on this jaunty ditty of devotion, originally penned for musical Oliver!.

Song: I’d Do Anything
Artist: Mike Preston, comp. Lionel Bart
Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Production: Outsider
Director: James Rouse

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