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Lifting off with Lufthansa

lufthansa blog
Lufthansa has rolled out the red carpet for its new Premium Economy class with a sweetly kooky campaign starring a bracing take on a hit you might just recognise. We cleared the rights to the smash, to make sure that the campaign could really take off.

As handsome in its acoustics as its lush visuals, the spot centres around a perky passenger with an eye (well, an ear) for details, who magicks the humdrum din of noises familiar to any frequent flyer – clatters, creaks, shuffles, snores – into a fresh take on an unexpected eighties classic: Billy Idol’s hard rock hit ‘Rebel Yell’. It’s a refreshing and not altogether unrealistic (check that withering look from security) catalogue of the joys of comfortable air travel. We were delighted to help bring it to the screen by negotiating the vital song’s usage license.
English-raised, Hamburg-forged singer-songwriter Duncan Townsend takes bright-eyed centre stage, bringing his wholesome charm to the screen and his heartfelt vocals to the soundtrack. His cover version, featuring genuine airport and in-flight sound samples looped and arranged into a bright and hooky pop cover, is now available for download.

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