Casting coffee magic with Jacobs and a spellbinding cover version

There’s nothing quite as inviting as the aroma of fresh coffee in a cosy cafe setting. According to Jacobs Millicano, that relaxing environment can now be found at home.

In the new spot for Jacobs’ Russia, special effects magically transform a home into an appealing cafe, and the film’s two protagonists are reuinted flirtatiously over steaming cups of Jacobs coffee.

To enhance the ad’s enchanting scenes, we set out on a musical quest for a song that reflects the magic as well as the warm familiarity. This led us to commissioning a new duet cover version of the 1986 Queen classic “A Kind Of Magic.” Fun fact: the original version of the song was written by Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, for the film Highlander, and the phrase “a kind of magic” was borrowed from a line spoken by one of the film’s characters.

Watch the full Jacobs Millicano spot below, and expect subsequent versions of this Jacobs campaign rolling out to other Eastern European regions soon!

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