Because Who Is Perfect?

To mark the arrival of International Day Of Persons With Disabilities on December 3, Swiss disability awareness charity Pro Infirmis and advertising agency Jung von Matt have created what is surely one of the most touching and poignant campaigns of the year.


Working with four people whose conditions range from scoliosis to brittle bone disease, the two companies created a range of bespoke shop mannequins that accurately represent the unique shape and contours of these individuals’ bodies. These mannequins were then displayed in the window of one of Zurich’s top clothing outlets modelling¬†items from their latest collection.


To accompany this heartfelt film, Jung von Matt approached us to find a piece of music that would help complement its highly emotive subject matter. We chose UK singer songwriter Dave Thomas Junior, whose epic torchlight anthem ‘Lost At Sea’ we felt captured the spirit of triumph and passion represented by the project.


Given the campaign’s overall message, we certainly wouldn’t call it ‘perfect’. But it’s pretty close. We’re thrilled to have been asked to help with such a special piece of work.



Visit the Pro Infirmis Website, here.


Read more about International Day Of Persons With Disabilities, here.


Listen to more work by Dave Thomas Junior, here.

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