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New Feature: User Stats

Hi there music creators. As you may have noticed, we recently introduced stats for users. We’ve tracked these stats for the month of October 2013. Please take the figures of previous months with a grain of salt, as these are built on a previous, less comprehensive tracking method.
The stats give you an idea as to which of your songs generally meet the taste of different requesters. You can reach the stats by clicking on the left menu entry in your dashboard view.

Take a look:

The diagrams display the last 12 months (as described above, the first fully tracked month was this October). At the top are the shortlistings, showing how many of your songs were on shortlists of requests in the respective month. The grey box to the right counts the total number of shortlistings since you joined Tracks & Fields, and how many of your songs are on active requests (requests that are either still current, or where a decision is pending).

The second diagram counts the track plays of your songs in the respective month.

Last but not least is a list of your 5 hottest tracks on the bottom, combining the stats above (so taking into account the number of plays and shortlistings). This gives you an overview of which of your tracks are most popular over several requests.

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