#WrapUp2022 A Doppelgänger effect to dance

With our friends from DDB Warsaw we would like to bring your attention to this uplifting ad for McDonalds, produced by Dobro Films and directed by Adi Halfin, which the Use of music creates a powerful impact. Here our main character experiences a “Doppelgänger” effect and her reflection dressed all in yellow takes on a life of its own, so they start to dance and play on their way to the office. The McCafé seems to make just about everything easier for a good day?

We were responsible for the music research, supervision, and licensing, and the winning track is this energetic track by Londoner producer THRDL!FE – one of the freshest DJ/producers breaking into the scene – featuring Nadia Rose – a prominent and fresh UK hip-hop up-and-coming talent.

A Color Psychology insight: yellow also symbolizes energy, joy, wealth, power, and action!

So, why don’t you grab a coffee and dance with us?

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