#WrapUp2022 R&B, Soul on Cinematic Ads.

We are delighted to share two ads with cinematic ambiences – a nice combo condimented one with R&B beats, and the other with Soul vibes, -. Our first placement was for Chinese brand Oppo for the launching of their new mobile Oppo Reno 8 Pro 5g “The portrait expert”. 

Produced by Kode Media and directed by Jara Moravec, it demonstrates the brand new model features such as its Ultra-Clean Image Processor, which turns it into the perfect tool for capturing those magical moments at night.

A solar eclipse unfolds in the opening scene, which is reminiscent of Fellini’s “8 1/2”. Various photogenic situations emerge.

At Tracks & Fields we were looking for a sophisticated sound: so after an extensive research process by our Music team, we ended up licensing “No words” by Swiss duo Elvett.

The Geneva-based alternative pop group, with its cinematic atmosphere and a voice that exudes and exhales soul, was the ideal choice for the film.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did .

P.S.: For a better sound experience, listen with headphones or a high quality stereo!


Our second pick is for Volkswagen UK for the launching of its latest compact SUV the New T-Roc, inviting us into a journey through time: with a 70s atmosphere we follow an eccentric skateboarder girl who with her unique style, confidence and eye-patch attracts all gazes from the neighborhood…

Through her eyepatch we travel into the present, to see her again, but as a grown up woman, behind the wheel of her New T-Roc, super stylish and as confident as she was back in the days.

It seems that the story loops when she hangs loose, a little girl on wheels too. 

A perfect circle that makes even more sense when the 1975 song by The Ovations – that at Tracks & Fields we researched and licensed – sings “Gotta move on, to my destiny.”

Watch it here!

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