#WrapUp2022 ‘The Gingerbread House’

In the tradition of emotional X-mass films, one highlight from last year was to collaborate on this heartwarming story for Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, produced by Passion Commercials, in collaboration with DDB Germany. A candid short tale about the power of community: what is not possible alone becomes possible together.

It was skillfully directed by Academy Award Nominee Mark Waring, the animator behind Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs”.

Accordingly to the production company, they were able to add detailed textures and animate every second frame to give a crafted, tactile look to the film, reflecting the homemade and highly decorated gingerbread house the family in the film build together.

At last but not least, we would like to talk a bit about the workflow at Tracks & Fields: on this occasion we team up with a mixture of composers and artists: from acoustic guitar to choirs consisting of children and adults, we finally chose the award-winning modern classical composer Sean Redmond, with Harlem-based up-and-coming singer and songwriter Amy Jay.

In combination with Amy’s warm, reflective, and skillful vocal performance, Sean reimagined the original track into an emotional modern classical to properly convey the story’s message.

Watch it here!

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