Audi Giving Santas Sleigh a Brand New Upgrade This Christmas

Audi is giving you a sneak peak into the future this Christmas as they showcase their latest vehicle concept. 

With Audi constantly innovating, they have released their latest goal for the future in the new “Audi Grandsphere Concept”. The automated vehicle concept pushes the boundaries of what is currently perceived as possible and excites us to see what is to come from Audi in the future. 

For the third year, our team has licensed Daniel Pemberton’s classy composition “Russian Roulette”, famously featured in the movie “Steve Jobs”. This clever choice of track brilliantly represents the visionary genius and intelligent innovation that went into creating the Audi Grandsphere Concept.

Watch Audi’s latest advert below and see first hand how Audi continue to leverage the present to create an amazing future. 

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