TV commercial original music production | YKK AP (Japan)

We produced music for the following two works of YKK AP “Story of the Window and the Cat” TV commercials.

The first commercial is “Wait at home”. It is a large scale project, shot in a vast location.
The first half shows a cat playing alone and waiting at home. The second half shows a parent and a child returning home.

Our main goal was to create a sense of grandeur in the second half of the film, where we follow the parent and her child through the aerial shots.
However, our main premise was to fit the landscape in the video.

We did not make any major changes, but created excitement with the vocals starting on a high note and the chorus.
Also, the sound of the waves in the video combined to create a natural excitement.

Watch the ad here:

The lyrics of this song were written to match the story of the film.

We were also in charge of the music for the following work “Graffiti”.

Creating this music piece, we particularly paid attention to the moment when the drawing on the window becomes reality. It expresses the warm feeling when the mother realises the meaning of the drawing, and the family full of happiness when it becomes reality.

Unlike the above-mentioned “Wait at home”, we purposely eliminate vocals at that timing in order the picture stands out.

Watch the ad here:

The lyrics of this song were also written to match the story of this film.

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