Production of a long bespoke music | ZOZO NEXT (Japan)

「THE FUTURE OF FASHION」by ZOZO NEXT, Inc. is a concept movie in which fashion and technology are combined in various ways. We had the honor of composing the original music for this project.

The length of the movie was 5 minutes and 17 seconds. With the topics “fashion”, “technology”, and “future” the production of a futuristic world view through music was a very important point.

We proceeded carefully to determine the direction.

・ Check storyboard

・ Mood research based on the storyboard (Click here for the proposed mood songs)

・ Check animatics

・ Meeting with the director, based on the mood songs and animatics

・ Start of music production

・ Vocal selection

・ Vocal recording

・ Adding sound design

Watch the final movie here:

Musically, it is divided into first half and second half (3min54sec change in music). The first half is ambient and gentle, highlighting the beauty of the picture. By adding female vocals in the second half, it leaves a gorgeous and sophisticated impression.

In addition, we were also in charge of the sound design of this movie. Since the creation of sound design was made after the music was completed, we were able to create a cohesive and natural finish by applying sounds that are well matched with the music.

At Tracks & Fields, our experienced staff will suggest ideas and ways to proceed in order to create the best original music.

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