Telekom takes a stand against hate speech

Telekom against hate speech - thumbnail

With the campaign #GegenHassimNetz Telekom takes a stand against hate speech. Having started 2 years ago, the brand just released a new content piece.

The film is a short documentary of an experiment. Under the guise of holding a casting show to find new influencer talent, several candidates are invited to an audition to show off their skills.
What they don’t know: during the audition hate comments are being displayed that continuously drags down their moods and turns their enthusiasm into insecurity. While not being actual comments on their auditions, these are comments publicly seen on the internet.

Supported by celebrities Diana zur Löwen and Eko Fresh the film shows that hate speech can hit everyone.

As the film consists of 2 parts – the casting show and the experiment, we provided 2 songs to match the contrary moods. An uptempo and contemporary track to support the casting show trailer feeling and an emotional piano score piece for the experiment confronting the protagonists with hate speech.

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