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The new ad of ebay Kleinanzeigen puts focus on its real estate offerings

ebay Kleinanzeigen new ad with music from Tracks & Fields - thumbnail

Ebay Kleinanzeigen has launched a new commercial that wants to put its real estate offerings in the spotlight.

The ad is a visual counterpart of an online search to find your next apartment or house. It starts with a young couple driving through the city at night following searching for a building. They arrive in front of it, where further interested people gather to view the offering.

The film cleverly depicts the outstanding exposure eBay Kleinanzeigen can offer by showing a bright and large projection of the landlord – their target group – on the facade of the building.

The commercial needed an emotional song with a nice build-up. We found this wonderful score track “Capsule – Theme 2” to be just right for these needs. It starts calmly underlining the nightly atmosphere and slowly builds up energy like when you’re looking for your apartment, then it opens up into something more exciting at finding what’s desired.

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