Supermarket chain Lidl invites you to embrace change

New lidl ad with Bob Dylan's the times they are a-changin, licensed by Tracks & Fields - thumbnail

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said “Change is the only constant in life”. That has been echoed around as a motto by many, many people.

What better way to live one’s life than embracing change? That’s what supermarket chain Lidl, specialising in fresh and regional produce, is trying to convey with their latest Christmas ad.

The spot tells the emotional story a theatre teacher who is extremely passionate about working with her group of kids. Things are permanently changing, and a lot of things have particularly changed for all of us in the last 2 years following the global pandemic. The same happens to our heroine with her acting group, as well as her business and private life, when going through all ups and (lock)downs.

A positive attitude towards change is the overarching message, and what better song to express it than Bob Dylan’s iconic “The times they are a-changin'”. The song was newly recorded with custom Czech lyrics to even further underline the message and a talented group of local singers and musicians participated in recording the spot.

Check it out here:

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