Umweltbank invites you to a new perspective on investing

Tracks & Fields licensed uplifting song Lifetime for Umweltbank - thumbnail

We have a different perspective on so many things in life. We are more mobile, we value experiences over possessions, sustainability is becoming ever more important. Now it’s time for you to change your perspective on investing, too.

Umweltbank is a German bank that offers sustainable investment opportunities. They offer their customers the possibility to invest in renewable energy, social and environmental construction financing, and organic farming. It has been operating successfully since 1997 and has about 250 employees today.

The new advert from Umweltbank encourages you to take a look at investing through new lenses. It shows various examples of how our life has changed in the recent past, and how it has enriched it.

The brand’s music licensing choice needed a song that fits the mood of the film, music that sets people in a good mood when they hear it. The chosen tune is “Lifetime” by Elmo, an uplifting, optimistic song that fits the forward-looking mood of the film.

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