VW and a-ha become partners in reinvention with the launch of the e-mobility range

Iconic Norwegian band a-ha flew to stardom off the back of their hit single ‘Take On Me’ in the 1980s and they’ve been no stranger to reinvention ever since. In light of that, Tracks & Fields licensed the music and facilitated the band’s appearance in Volkswagen‘s latest film. What better way to celebrate VW‘s all new electric range of commercial vehicles than with the reworking of the band’s classic hit.

The collaboration between band and brand takes the group on a trip through Norway in a VW van, as well as through their memories. They discuss what it means to be considered iconic, the making of ‘Take On Me’ (“I knew there and then that this was a world hit” says lead singer Morten) and the importance of dreaming big. They also emphasise the necessity of being willing to change and grow with the times, something that is integral to the e-mobility range of electric commercial vehicles.

a-ha’s rise wasn’t straightforward – the first release of ‘Take One Me’ sold only 300 copies. However, their ambitious and innovative perspective led to the creation of their iconic video fusing live action and illustration style animation, making the song a hit on MTV and around the world. The band have gone on to release 10 studio albums and still tour regularly around the globe.

Watch the a-ha and VW film ‘Partners in Reinvention’ here:

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