‘Ignite your blue’ with Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires have launched their latest campaign with the tagline ‘Ignite your blue’ and a bespoke track from Tracks & Fields. Working with artists and composers Flynn Hudson and Simon Alexander, we created an anthemic rock anthem to inspire you to ignite your blue. What does that mean? It means igniting your inner fire, your creative force that can to take you places you never realised you could go.

Flynn Hudson is an experienced audiovisual composer, having worked on campaigns for Mercedes and Audi amongst others and collaborated with New Zealand artist Kimbra as a producer.

Swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander provided the vocals for the track. A renowned indie-folk artist, he released his latest EP ‘In The Rust‘ in February of this year to acclaim and is a regular feature in our pitches to clients.

The full length version of ‘Ignite Your Blue’ is available to stream on Spotify here.

Shot and wrapped pre-lockdown, the film shows a car driving along a coastal road with a stunning ocean backdrop interspersed with vignettes of people finding inspiration (or ‘igniting their blue’) in a range of scenarios. From mountain peaks to mosh pits, there are no limits to where it can drive you.

Watch the Toyo Tires film here:

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