Our elevated partner Nathan Fox secures a stylish sync on D’Urban’s latest spot

D’Urban, a high-end Japanese fashion brand, celebrate their 50th anniversary. This brand grabs the attention of celebrities and fashionistas across generations, and as the actors in the spot bow to the suit on display, we see that it is a collection that demands respect.

This is not just vintage fashion but D’Urban intertwines modes of the past with fashion of the moment, centring itself around the theme of “inheritance”. We will treasure its history and carry it forward. 

At Tracks & Fields we are thrilled to provide a sleek and snazzy soundtrack from one of our exciting elevated partners, Nathan Fox. Nathan Fox comes from San Diego, California, and his rustic singer/songwriter style creates honest and wholehearted music with a country twang. His authenticity accompanied by his heartfelt and deep-seated lyricism instantly grabbed our attention; we wanted him on board.

Less than one year later, his track is selected for D’Urban’s 50 year anniversary campaign. His retro-infused and soulful indie folk, captures a sense of timelessness that this brand calls for.“I Am All Done” is an enduring yet groovy number, singing of perseverance and love whilst being carried along by a jazzy keys, a solo trumpet, and Fox’s classic country guitar.

If you, like our team, are a big fan of Nathan Fox’s music then check out his back catalogue here.

Also watch the D’Urban film in full below:


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