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What’s on our headphones: International Women’s Day

This Sunday, 8th of March, is all about women and their social, political and cultural achievements. So in honour of all the wonderful women, Tracks & Fields want to spotlight some of our favourite emerging female artists.

As well as being a day of celebration, International Women’s Day is also a call for action to achieving gender parity. There has been an overwhelming lack of female artists in recent festival line-ups as well as an upsetting lack of diversity in music award nominations. However, it’s clear that women in music certainly aren’t lacking talent.

Have a listen to our selection of sensational songs by wonderful women :

Weyes BloodAndromeda

Kate: Weyes Blood’s astral ode, “Andromeda“, carries us to another world and another time. Her dreamy and otherworldly psych-pop is reminiscent of 70s and 80s folk-pop conventions, and she herself describes her latest album Titanic Rising as “The Kinks meet WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya”. Weyes Blood calls to mind some of my parents old favourites – Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Karen Carpenter- whilst cultivating a level of mysticism in her own brand of futuristic folk.


Kate: Meet Chai, the all female-fronted Japanese rock band who are redefining both Japan’s music scene and attitudes towards women. In a 2018 interview with Pitchfork they say their goal is to “dismantle and subvert notions of cuteness that its members feel are so repressive in Japan”. When I first listened to Chai I was struck by their contagious eccentricity, and for me, this is as punk rock as it gets.

Ari LennoxBMO

Kate: Here we go again, I am banging on about how much I love Ari Lennox. Often cited as the next Erykah Badu or Jill Scott, her dulcet tones and sultry lyrics are enchanting. Make sure you listen to her latest album Shea Butter Babythat’s if I haven’t already forced you to.

Aldous HardingThe Barrel

Kate: Bewitching and beguiling– I was spellbound by Aldous Harding at first listen. Her mysterious and incredibly moving lyricism conjures up all kinds of spectacles, leaving listeners puzzled yet hooked.

Emika – Dilo 33

Hattie: I was very lucky to see Emika’s show at Berlin’s Zeiss Major Planetarium recently (-insert pun about the gig being “out of this world”-). She created an amazing atmosphere and if you get the chance to see her live the visuals are unreal.

Dry Cleaning – Goodnight

Hattie: When I first heard this track it made me laugh out loud in public – the question about a Travel Lodge carpet is a real lyrical highlight – however it’s also a tight two and a half minute wistful ode to the treasured things from childhood that aren’t around any more. Pets, grandparents and specific trips on the Thames Link train, it’s dripping with irony and nostalgia – post-punk that can make you laugh and feel things.

Adannay – All My Heart

Hattie: A friend told me about Adannay after they saw her play a show in London and this track in particular is a joy. It sounds effortlessly catchy and mixes soul and pop in a really fun, infectiously positive way.

Listen to our full playlist here:

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