End of Summer Recap: IKEA get organised, Pepsi bring the energy and #TeamLidl look for new members

Summer has come to an end, the time for swimming trunks and moaning about the heat is over. As the nights close in and the temperatures drop, let’s look back fondly at some of the syncs we landed over the summer months.

First up are two spots for Allegro – Poland’s answer to Amazon – showing the trials and tribulations of new parenthood. The first uses ‘Whoa My’ by Swedish-American duo Flora Cash and the second makes use of ‘Lullaby’ by Mancunian indie-poppers The Slow Show as its soundtrack. The parents try everything to appease their new arrival, before hitting on the solution with the help of Allegro’s Smart! range.

Next we head to Japan for KOSE Prédia‘s soothing spot for their spa in a bottle featuring Megan Aho Heronemus & Hans Fahling‘s ‘Gently Floating Love’.

Our bespoke composition provides the soundtrack to Lidl‘s recruitment campaign. The discount supermarket giant has been improving its reputation as an employer and is looking for fresh faces to join #TeamLidl.

Double trouble for IKEA Spain, with two spots playfully demonstrating the importance of organisation. Both use ‘Bayou Bluesman’ by Richard Daniel Heptinstall to underscore the tagline “order is time, time is life”.

Japanese cosmetics brand Primavista opted for a bespoke pop track for their latest campaign, providing the spot with an upbeat, playful feel.

‘Tambourine’ by Mr. Gabriel captures the energy of Pepsi‘s Eastern European campaign.

For Tymbark we licensed Eric Carmen‘s sob-a-long classic ‘All By Myself’, humorously echoing the loneliness of the last drop of juice in the carton.

KIMEA‘s advert for their new scalp serum is accompanied by an upbeat, jazzy bespoke composition that lights up the spot.

Last but not least, we have Panasonic‘s 2019 Brand Video using the sweet sounds of Seawaves‘The Getaway’ to connect the brand’s range of products and aims.

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