Lean back and swipe with TikTok, the world’s hottest new social media app

Do you love the scroll? Are you on that swipe hype? Well then TikTok is your answer.

After it’s launch in 2017, TikTok’s app has gained immense popularity across the world and is now the go to platform for generating and watching hilarious lip-sync, dance and talent videos. With its built-in “react” and “duet” features, this trendy, snappy social network is the ultimate way to share user-generated content.

Tracks & Fields’ music licensing expertise has seen to some exciting collaborations between our team and this cool new app. Our work can be seen on TikTok‘s “Mountain Dew” and “Chipotle lid flip challenge” which both gained millions of views.

This time our team saw to the placement of “Lean Back” by Terror Squad on TikTok’s latest campaign. With the app’s new “Lean Back Technology” users can put a stop to “Search Fatigue!”, a condition that inhibits quick discovery of the best new videos.

Very much in line with the Zeitgeist, TikTok delivers the freshest and funniest digital content whilst users simply lean back and swipe.

Watch the film in full below:

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