Chinese water brand Alkaqua celebrates cross-generational differences in their May 4th campaign

May 4th is a public holiday celebrating youthfulness in China, and this year the innovative water brand Alkaqua launches a campaign that takes a trip through the decades. 

The film reframes cross-generational attitudes and stereotypes, showing that each generation should be praised for its unique qualities and achievements. Instead of comparing the eras, we should accept their differences and embrace each others uniqueness.

Tracks & Fields’ music supervision work goes the extra mile to the find the perfect soundtrack for this revolutionary campaign. The film is centred around Splitbreed’s track ‘Drippin’’, and ends with a composition by VMC Sound. It’s a marriage of baseline heavy electro rhythms and brighter anthemic synth sounds.

Taking a trip through time and reconsidering what it means to be youthful, Alkaqua’s campaign is a thought-provoking visual and musical journey.

Watch the film in full on Tencent below:


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