Film & TV Recap: ‘The Bridge’ becomes ‘Der Pass’, battling cybercrime, and the story of goalkeeping legend Bert Trautmann

We’re excited to reveal a few of the film and TV projects that we’ve been working on here at Tracks & Fields. We’ve provided music supervision and clearances for each of the following projects, ranging from Scandi-noir adaptations to footballer biopics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help with any music research or licensing!


TV series – Germany – Sky

Based on the acclaimed Scandinavian series ‘The Bridge’, ‘Der Pass’ follows the tale of two detectives from either side of the German-Austrian border who must join forces to investigate a gruesome murder after a body is found in an Alpine pass between the two countries. 

It has received multiple acting award nominations and won ‘Best Miniseries’ at Golden Camera Germany and ‘Best TV Series’ at Romy Gala Austria.


Feature film – UK/Germany

‘The Keeper’ (or ‘Trautmann’ to give it its German title) tells the story of legendary Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann, who went from being a German Prisoner Of War to playing Premier League football.

The film has received multiple award nominations, including ‘Best Costume Design’ and ‘Best Film Score’ at the German Film Awards as well as ‘Best Film’ at Beijing International Film Festival.


TV series – Germany – ZDF

An international taskforce of investigators from Germany, Denmark and Belgium must take down a huge cross border organised crime network that finances terrorism via the trade in stolen art.


TV series – Belgium – Federation Entertainment

Policeman, single father and technophobe Sam Leroy is transferred to the Cyber Crime Unit in Brussels where he must join forces with former hacker Billie Vebber. These two experts in the physical and digital aspects of policing must learn to embrace their differences and collaborate in order to unmask the perpetrators hiding in cyber space. 


Feature film – Germany

Max Linz’s biting satire explores the consequences of a university system co-opted into becoming a ‘turbo-capitalist research machine’. The jaded older generation are pitted against the young upstart professors and rebellious students, drawing on the sensitivities and urban backdrops of its Berlin setting.

The film premiered at Berlinale Forum 2019 and was nominated for ‘Best Film’ at Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.


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