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STAFF PICKS: Sounds like… Guilty pleasure songs


It’s time for another edition of SOUNDS LIKE! Each month we ask our music-loving team at Tracks & Fields to tell us about about their favourite songs related to a theme, and for this instalment we’re dragging everyone’s deepest song secrets into the light.

Our Guilty Pleasure Songs include cheesy sing-along hits, party jams and the unbridled pop songs we all know and (secretly) love. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for our Spotify playlist.

MARC TANZMANN – Head of Music / Music Supervisor

Toto – “Africa” 1982
I don’t have anything particular to say except that a party without this song is not a party.

ANNA MURAKAMI – music production coordinator

Ariana Grande feat. Zedd – “Break Free” – 2014
I play this songs when I want to sing out lout without thinking about anything!

Velvet Du – Music Project Manager

Camila Cabello – Havana – 2018
It’s such a poppy song. I believe she is the first ever Latina female to open the Grammy Awards, and she’s still so young. Hooray for diversity!

HATTIE LONG – Music Researcher

Ariana Grande – “God Is A Woman” – 2018
How deeply I love Ariana Grande’s album Sweetener has almost become a running joke in the office, but it is genuinely excellent. This song is one of many absolute bops, perfect for screeching around the house when your flatmate is out.

DANIEL FINNEGAN – Music Researcher

Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply” – 1997
There are so many I could choose, but this is a total banger.

CHRISTINE KAKAIRE – Marketing Content Writer

Britney Spears – “Toxic” – 2004
I have (almost) no shame in saying this is one of the greatest pop songs ever made.

Marielle Suffrin – Intern

Justin Bieber – “Baby” – 2010
Please don’t judge me! The lyrics aren’t great but I just pay my attention to the melody, which I really like.

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