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Can’t take your eyes off each other? Don’t have to with Postbank’s lovesick TV spot

The giddiness of love at first sight is captured in a new ingenious spot for Postbank, as envisioned by leading commercial director Bart Timmer.

The eyes of the ad’s lovesick protagonists meet in a grocery store, and the courtship which ensues – through ice cream in the park, a bike ride, a romantic dinner – happens without the pair ever breaking direct eye contact.

The humour and romance of the film drives home the message that life with a Postbank Girokonto checking account is simple, whether shopping at the supermarket, paying for dinner in a restaurant, or withdrawing cash from an ATM. As the German tagline of the campaign states, it is “Always in view.”

The campaign by BBDO Düsseldorf is produced by Czar Film features the song “Darlin” by the appropriately-named mysterious musical act Alias. Our work on this campaign placed this song in particular, as its wholesome doo-wop style, retro instrumentation, and sweet lyrics amplified the loved-up mood.

Watch the film Postbank Girokonto “Immer in Blick” below:

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